Hunter Blakesfield
Full Name Rory David Blakesfield
Nickname(s) Hunter (By everyone)

Little Man (By Mason)

Gender Male
Date of Birth August 15
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Family Tom Blakesfield (Father);Deceased

Madison Blakesfield (Mother) Mason Blakesfield (Older Brother) Kevin Blakesfield (Older Brother) Gail Blakesfield (Younger Sister) Carter Blakesfield (Cousin)

Relationships Jennifer Smith (Girlfriend)
Job Student
School(s) Seashore High School
Affiliation(s) Seashore High Hockey Team
Portrayed By Adam Tuominen


Rory "Hunter" Blakesfield is a Freshman (Grade 9) at Shoreshine High School. Hunter is a nice guy with a short temper and a bad side. He is willing to put his own life at risk to help out those that he cares about. Hunter was created by nicholas.cornish2


When Hunter was a younger, his dad, Tom, died in a car accident, in his will, he left his lucky Shark Tooth Necklace to Hunter.


Hunter is a nice guy who loves his friends, although it has been shown that he can be mean when he gets angry.

Character HistoryEdit

Shoreshine (Season 1)Edit




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