Hunter-Jenifer Relationship
General Information
Nickname Hunifer
Intimacy Level Best Friends, Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Started Dating It's All Your Fault (1st time) (103)
Dating Status Dating
The relationship between Hunter Blakesfield and Jenifer Smith is known as Hunifer (Hunter/Jenifer).

Relationship HistoryEdit

The two begun dating in It's All Your Fault when Jenifer went to go see Hunter after he was beat up badly, she later went to go see him and she kissed him telling him that she liked him.


Season 1Edit

In In the Summertime the two of them went to a concert, to see the script with Alissa, Brian, and Lyra. When Jenifer and Lyra began acting mean towards Alissa, and even best her up, Hunter scaled Jenifer and started asking her about the change.

In It's All Your Fault, Jenifer was seen texting Jenifer and Hunter was looking at the text messages Jenifer was sending to James. Hunter asked about James and later asked her if the two of them could meet. She agreed saying that it would be a great idea if the two of them met each other. Later at the dinner date, James and Jenifer told Hunter that the two of them were in love. Hunter started asking James questions about himself and James did the same thing. Hunter got pissed when James questioned his work out schedule and walked over towards James. The two of them fought and James ended up winning. Later when Hunter started packing up his clothes Jenifer walked in saying sorry. Hunter said it was okay and she walked over towards him kissing him.

In Welcome to the Jungle the two appeared with Brian and Alissa, the two of them were holding hands. Later in the classroom the two of them looked at Brian and Alissa who were being lovey dovy and said they will never be like that.


Rival RelationshipsEdit