Alissa Nalissa
Full Name Alissa Nalissa
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 1, 2011 (Age 14)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple
Family Johnathan Nalissa (Father)
Andy Nalissa (Brother)
Relationships Brian Jones (Boyfriend)
School(s) Shoreshine High School
First Episode In the Summertime
Portrayed By BethanyBloop

Emily Osment

Alissa Nalissa is a Freshman (Grade 9) at Shoreshine High School. Alissa is shy and qiiet and doesn't really like talking about her past. Alissa was created by BethanyBloop.


She was taken out of school at age five after being attacked she was taken out of school but wanted to go back. Her dad let her go for the last year of middle school but sent her to one closer to home. Alissas a very sweet and shy girl who used thoes years away from school to learn about the world around her, become a gameing mazter and read with her brother Andy.


Alissa is a sweet shy girl who doesnt like violence and loves animals. She is quite smart but can be oblivious at times. She loves reading and if shes not playing a game, she will be reading- her favoret types of books are fairy tale, sciens-fiction and mystory/detective.

Character HistoryEdit

Shoreshine (Season 1)Edit




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